Monday, June 23, 2008

The things you hear

I have never been so busy.......I am drawing lots of faces in different places out and about doing 'on the spot' caricatures

I don't only see but I also hear things whilst I am on these jobs.
So here is a short list of things people either say to me before, during or after I have drawn them. They are in no particular order, some are ridiculous whilst others are quite funny some even complimentary.

1. I am starting my diet on Monday so can you draw me thin.
2. Do you have to see my face to draw me.
3. She is easy to draw cos she's got blonde hair and blue eyes.
4. Have you seen how fast he can draw.
5. Her nose is much bigger than that!
6. He's got you spot on
7. How long have you been doing this?
8. Do you have to keep looking at me
9. Make me look like Paul Newman
10. Please don't draw the gap in my teeth
11. You made me look very glamourous
12. Be kind...will you

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