Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The things we say at Christmas

In the run up to and during Christmas it is almost guaranteed that you will either hear or say one or all of the following…..In no particular order
  • “Got it all done then?”
  • “We’d better get some, just in case”
  • “Ssssshhh, it’s the Queens speech”
  • “I fancy a change from Turkey this year.”
  • “In my day we used to get a Balloon and an Orange”
  • “Anyone for Turkey sandwiches”
  • “ The Sale starts Boxing Day”
  • “I’m stuffed”
  • “Christmas is too commercial these days”
  • “Ready for Christmas then?
  • “We thought about going away this Christmas but it wouldn’t be the same”
  • “We haven’t got enough chairs”


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