Sunday, November 22, 2009

Desert Island drawing Books

I like many other cartoonist types tend be collectors of books that have cartoons or illustrations in them. We all collect for any number of reasons, some will collect anything and everything regardless of the artist. While others like me tend to collect them to look specifically at the work of the artist and are therefore more selective in choice.
I often visit bookshops to trawl the shelves of the ‘Humour’ section looking for books to add to the collection. Though I look through a lot of books, the decision to buy is often based on the style of the artist.
I have number of books at home, enough for me to be able to select 10 books as my desert island ‘drawing’ books, so in true diplomatic reality TV show style….. “In no particular order” here are the 10 books chosen for the desert island.

Book: The Square Egg
Artist: Ronald Searle
Reason: A brilliant and varied collection of drawings with a unique and enviable style

Book: Life of Birds
Artist: Quentin Blake
Reason: Fantastic pencil and wash anthropomorphic drawings of birds

Book: The Drawings of Heinrich Kley
Artist: Heinrich Kley
Reason: Incredible draughtsmanship, extraordinary linework

Book: Icon
Artist: Frank Frazetta
Reason: I don’t think anybody else can or ever will do Fantasy art like Frazetta.

Book: Birds of Feather
Artist: Harry Hargreaves
Reason: Wordless cartoons executed with great skill in a very appealing style

Book: Action Speaks
Artist: Sergio Aragones
Reason: Wicked sense of humour, the master of the silent cartoon

Book: Drawing Blood
Artist: Gerald Scarfe
Reason: I have always admired the work of Gerald Scarfe, the linework is bold and confident and the occasional unintentional splats of ink add to the spontaneity.

Book: Crazy world of Jogging
Artist: Bill Stott
Reason: A subject close to my heart and if you want see energy in linework then look at work of Mr Bill Stott.

Book: Cartoon of Ed McLachlan
Artst: Ed McLachlan
Reason: The sense of humour strikes a chord with me as does the trademark style

Book: Mad book of Horrifying clich├ęs
Artist: Paul Coker Jr
Reason: Clever drawings that guarantee a smile no matter how many times you look at them.

Well some would say an unusual mix and I would add that it is an honest mix of what I like. The truth is I could have chosen more but then I wouldn’t have room for any food on my desert island.

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