Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harry Hargreaves

Picked this little gem up in a charity shop recently. Artwork is by Harry Hargreaves who during his long career also produced a successful cartoon strip called 'Hayseeds' which ran for several years in one of the English national papers. This book is all about birds in fact one little character in particular, a number of these little cartoons also appeared in the famous publication called 'Punch'.

Harry's works is brilliant, done with either a dip pen and ink or brush and ink probably a combination of both.

The linework is alive and the draughtsmanship is excellent. Good old traditional materials and the artist hand is just can't beat it!


john said...

Your very lucky to have that !!! been looking for years for some of Hargreaves work. i used to look forward to seeing his "bird" cartoons in Punch....sadly he and the magazine are gone...
Any chance of you posting some of the inside pages ...PLEASE...thanks in advance Jonwood

Tony Blythe said...

Hi John

Good to know you also like Harry Hargreaves work. I will try and scan a few pages of the book and post them up.
I found some on t'internet here