Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Q: Do you do any digital art? I don’t see any on your blog or your website.
A:I have a little Wacom tablet but cannot remember when I last used it. Now I have nothing against digital stuff as applications such as Photoshop and Painter can easily deliver effects that are as good as and in some cases better than the real thing.

Digital art is right up there these days, you only have to ‘surf the net’ looking at Digital Art to realise just what can be done with the humble pixel. Some of the stuff out there is incredible.
Coming back to the original question. I prefer at this time to use traditional media such pens, pencils and inks. It suits my way of working. Ok, so I cannot choose ‘Undo’ to correct my mistakes and I am continually looking for storage space for yet another bundle of drawings.

Also it has been said that you haven’t lived until you have knocked a bottle of Indian Ink all over your drawing table and subsequently cracked your head on the lamp above your head as you try to leap clear of the tidal wave of black ink sweeping towards you

You may also want to consider this …. When a drawing goes wrong I can take great pleasure in screwing it into a tight ball and launching it across the room into the permanently open flip top bin…Not something you can do with a £1000+ computer.
And clicking ‘undo’ or dragging a little file to the trash bin icon just isn’t the same.

So while pixel chasing is great I still prefer inky fingers.

Thanks for your question you know who you are.

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