Friday, May 23, 2008


It has not gone without notice that certain people tend to drop in on the Doctor particularly when the weather has been forecast ‘fine and sunny’ for the next week.
They are of course looking for the Doctor to rubber stamp a week off in the garden on the sun lounger.
The Doctors must have heard it all.."It hurts when I do this”, “It hurts when I do that”. “I think I've caught a virus from the neighbours tortoise” or according to the Internet “I've got something called Hemmallstaffle Syndrome”! blah, blah, blah!
Now Doctors by the nature of their business can be excused for being somewhat off or dismissive sometimes when dealing with patients who are clearly ‘trying it on’. Remember the majority of their time can be spent listening to people moaning about something or the other. I have to say that in general Doctors do a fine job and have to be professional at all times when dealing with their patients, but I just wonder sometimes if they would actually like to say what they really think.

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